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Walk with us & experience the city like a true Athenian!

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We started Athenian Tours to give visitors the opportunity to explore the city together with a local friend, enthusiast and connoisseur of the city and its secrets that characterize it and make it unique. We are passionate local Athenians and want to show you the important sights of the city, which was the cradle of arts culture and democracy, but also show you the hidden gems of the city that you won’t find in tourist guides, usual travel sites or travel agencies. We want you to live and experience the city like a local, away from tourist traps and make this trip to Athens remain indelibly etched in your memory.

a side to side experience

Shoulder to shoulder experience!

Like Greek syrtaki…

Are you ready to explore every pathway of Athens? A truly unique experience awaits us… We know all the worthy Athenian gems that are going to blow your mind and we’re willing to share them with you. Afterall, it takes two to tango! Making memories together is one of our favorite things to do. Our promise is to experience the local way of living in Athens on our side by side adventure.

Meet our guides!

They will take you everywhere. They will treat you the best way possible. The best locals in town. Don’t hesitate to join them, talk to them, ask for information and tips about your trip in the city.

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I am Alexia, I am a historian and a licensed tourist guide. My passion for the human past led me to study the fascinating world of history and archaeology from a scientific standpoint.



My name is Costas and I am a licensed tourist guide. I have studied history and Balkan studies and I have a master’s degree on Middle East Studies.



As a saying goes, your name speaks of who you are, and mine is Christos, which is Chris, in English — meaning “the annointed one,” and, by extension, the Chosen One.



Orestis Ermidis studied History for more than 7 years, and then, wanting to spread and popularize the knowledge and understanding of History, he became a tour guide.



Hello there,

I am  Ioanna, a licensed tourist guide, born and raised in Athens.



Hi, I am Gregory! I was born in Thessaloniki and studied History and Ethnology in Komotini,Thrace. Then I did my Master’s degree on Byzantine Studies at University of London.



Having worked as a tour guide since the year 2000, I realize that this is the love of my life.  Meeting people from all different places around the globe and doing my best to make sure they have a wonderful day, it’s so compensating.  Welcome on board!



I have always been fascinated by Greek history & mythology.



Hello everybody.

I am Katerina Tsoutsouliga and I am a Licensed Tourist Guide in English and Spanish.My first degree is about Theater and Dramatic Arts.