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What you need to know when travelling in Athens


Athens Info Points

Athens International Airport: Αrrivals level, daily and weekends 8 am – 8 pm. Open year-round. Tel. +30 210 353 0390

Syntagma Square: Open year-round: Weekdays: 09:00 am – 8:00 pm, Weekends: 09:00 am – 5:00 pm


Metro is the best means of transport in Athens

Athens has a very well developed metro network. Especially if you have chosen a hotel near the city center, the metro will become the ideal companion in your tours. Most of the places worth visiting in Athens are located next to or near a metro station. It is the fastest and most economical way of transportation in the city.

Always carry cash with you cash

Nowadays, payment by card is possible almost everywhere. But since there may be some places, such as small grocery stores or kiosks, that may not have a POS or a machine may be out of order, it is a good idea to carry some cash with you and it will definitely make your life easier.


Athens in general is a very safe city and you can move around comfortably in its neighborhoods. Its streets are full of people and traffic at all hours of the day. As is the case in any big city, there are pickpockets and petty criminals, so it’s a good idea to be extra careful with your belongings, especially on public transport but also where a lot of people are gathered. Here are some guidelines for basic precautions you can take: You can wear a money belt, a small, zippered fabric pouch on an elastic strap that fastens around your waist, under your pants or skirt. You can keep your money, cards even passport or ID in it.

You should be especially careful at pedestrian crossings

There are drivers in Greece who do not respect pedestrian crossings and for this reason you should be very careful. In many cases it also happens that the line shading at the crossing has faded and the drivers do not see it in time. But even when the lines are clearly visible, cross the road double-checking on all sides.

Emergency Numbers

Police Hotline: 100
Tourist Police: 1571 (Telephone communication in Greek, English, French and German to solve problems faced by local and foreign tourists.)
Airport Police: +30 210 353 6901, -6902, -6909, -6919
European Emergency Number: 112
Ambulance: 166
Fire Brigade: 199

Free Public Wi Fi Spots in Athens

Here’s a list of all the free wifi spots in Athens:
– Syntagma Square
– Lycabettus Hill
– Iroon Square (the small square of Psyrri)
– Kotzia Square (near Omonoia)
– Serafeio Athletic & Community Complex
– Municipal Library of Athens (on Domokou 2)
– City of Athens Cultural Center (on Akadimias 50)
– Karamanou Square (right next to Psyrri)
– 1st Cemetary of Athens (in Pagkrati)
– Victoria Square
– 22 Liosion street

Useful Apps & Websites

visko (pharmacies, ferries, hospitals, listings)

free now

Free Now (Taxis – ex Beat app)


Uber (Taxis)


Athens International Airport

OASA (Athens public transport)


Athens metro