If you have an Instagram account where you capture images that you consider unique or you are simply a photography enthusiast, Athens is a city that is simply fantastic for photography. The city has many views and sights that could be used as postcards. Its monuments are unique and wonderful, the local colors, the markets, the open spaces provide a colorful and rich experience for photographers.


Athens is a city where the old coexists with the modern. The harmonious coexistence of the ancient monuments, the picturesque neighborhoods and the modern pace of life invite you to capture them. A unique mix of graffiti, great street art on the walls, ancient ruins, concrete modern buildings and other empty abandoned and half-demolished ones, give Athens an interesting perspective.


The hot sun that shines on the city most days of the year provides plenty of light for street photos and enhances the atmosphere of this Metropolis.


Athens has many reasons that make it special and unique and it is worth taking some time to discover them yourself. And be sure that this city will stay in your heart forever. With your photos reminding you of every moment of this experience.