Greeks love to be with family or friends and chat, drink coffee together, have a drink, eat together. So a habit of the Greeks is to eat outside their home which clearly covers the need of feeding but mainly the need of sociability, socialization and reconciliation with other people.

Although modern forms of catering have entered our lives for good, the tavern remains one of the most popular places to gather and eat. With a history that lasts over 2500 years and with different names throughout the centuries but always destined to meet basic human needs, the tavern is an important and integral part of the life of the Greeks. It’s part of our culture.

It is the simplest form of a restaurant with unique quality and deliciousness, a meeting point and a place for discussion, wine drinking and food. Many Greeks who were forced to migrate in the previous century to foreign countries, such as the USA and Australia, in order to find better life conditions, established taverns in the places they settled.

Primarily to meet their need to keep Greek customs alive in a foreign land. In this way, the Greek tavern became known and loved by the local residents of these foreign countries.


If you are one of those who knew and loved the Greek Tavern in their country, come experience it and enjoy it in the place where it was born. If you still don’t know about the Greek Tavern, it’s probably time to learn about it! And you won’t lose!